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Los pasados 16, 17 y 18 de Octubre se celebró en Barcelona la segunda edición de la feria “In(3d)ustry: from needs to solutions” dentro del panorama de la Barcelona Indsutry Week.

De nuevo este año Natural Robotics ha estado presente como expositor y mostramos nuestra impresora VIT 3D SLS .
Cada vez son más las empresas que muestran su interés en el sector de la impresión 3D y consideran este proceso la solución perfecta como método de fabricación por su rapidez, su precio y sus resultados en cuanto a características mecánicas se trata.

Es un sector que no para de crecer y presenta innovaciones tecnológicas a diario. La tecnología está al servicio de las personas y cada día surgen nuevas aplicaciones en las que se puede utilizar.

Nuestra VIT 3D SLS, impresora de sinterizado láser, ha tenido de nuevo una gran aceptación por las características que ofrece:
– Resolución óptima en la impresión de 50 micras
– Volumen de impresión de 250x250x300 mm
– Filosofía open en su diseño, posibilidad de operar la máquina con cualquier polvo plástico certificado.

Tras un año de dedicado esfuerzo estamos encantados de presentar nuestra VIT 3D SLS finalizada y haber podido atenderos y resolver todas vuestras dudas.
Ya hemos empezado a tejer nuestra red de distribución y cada vez son más los países a los que llegamos con nuestra impresora.
Actualmente nos encontramos en período de pre-orders, donde la máquina cuesta 9.000€ hasta agotar unidades y con entregas en Enero.

Queremos mostrar nuestro agradecimiento a todas aquellas personas que han mostrado interés, han confiado en nosotros y han formado parte de este proceso, del cual estamos muy orgullosos.

Natural Robotics Team.

New meetup group from Natural Robotics


We recently finished the works done in Natural Robotics shop in C/ Galileu, 243 in Barcelona, and we have opened it now to the public. We only sell machines, so in the end it is more a showroom than an usual shop.

And we have used the opportunity to start a meetup group about 3D printing. Last Wednesday we hosted the first session in Natural Robotics shop in Barcelona.

logo meetup

We had large experience in doing presentations and workshops on topics related to 3D printing through the 3D Print Barcelona group. And the events we will run will be supplementary, because the focus will be essentially practical taking advantage of all the machines and equipment available in our place. In addition, the orientation will be more for professional use.

Given this, there will be events related to how to benefit from 3D printing technology for SMEs and Professionals. And others even to go deeper in detail for example about the use of 3D printing to produce small series of product and the post-processing possibilities to make a good looking finished product.

First event

In the first event we gave an explanation of the three most known technologies: FDM, SLS and SLA/DLP.

As most of the people had never used a modeling application before, we improvised a small demo of TinkerCAD. It is an ideal tool for beginners because it is very intuitive.

Repetier con Cura

Showing how the object is built laye by layer with Repetier + Cura


After this we started the practical part, showing the workflow starting with the modeled object up to the printed object. We gave plenty of explanations about the STL file format, dos and don’ts to consider when modeling for 3D printing, and the most important parameters to define when doing the slicing of the object.


Evento intro 3d

In the practical part, launching a 3D print

There was a very good response of the attendees, and this gave us good vibes to make more events like this.

Makerfaire Rome summary

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The weekend of October 14-16th Natural Robotics participated at Makerfaire Rome. This is a short summary of our experience as exhibitors.

Makerfaire Rome is the biggest maker fair in Europe, and this is confirmed by the 110,000 visitors that attended in three days.

Vista desde el stand
View from our stand

Stand Natural Robotics
Natural Robotics stand at the end of the fair

We were quite busy, so we could not see much from the other pavilions, six in total.

Friday morning was dedicated to schools. 25,000 kids from six to eighteen years old going around the stands and asking a lot of questions about everything. In those cases, the models always are more attractive than the machines to them. In the afternoon it opened to general public.

In our booth you could see a Delta Black that we had printing all day at different speeds, since printing speed id its major advantage. We also showed the version 3 prototype of our low cost laser sintering 3D printer: the VIT.


Delta Black
Delta Black in the middle of a 3D print

The Makerfaire has low professional focus, more focused on makers and families. Even that, we saw a lot of interest in the laser sintering machine either from distributors as well as 3D printing services businesses, that want to widen their technologies offer. There were also people interested for other specific topics like jewelry design, electronic cigarettes, etc.

Our pavilion was fully dedicated to digital fabrication. And we could see and meet other laser sintering projects that are also targeting the low cost range. For example with the nice and friendly Sintratec team we made a good exchange of knowledge, mainly about the common challenges of this technology that we had to face during the prototypes development and how each project took different approaches to sort them out.

Fabrication Pavilion
The Digital Fabrication pavilion

Digital Fabrication pavilion

VIT laser sintering 3D printer at MakerFaire Rome


We have finalized the third version of the VIT prototype, our low cost laser sintering 3D printer.

The VIT prototype will be presented at Makerfaire Rome, from October 14th to 16th.

If you are visiting do not miss to come to our booth C7 (pav. 8).


makerfaire rome

We expect huge interest, considering the number of contacts we have received from people all over the world interested in the product and its development since June, when we presented the prototype version 2 at In3dustry.
Makerfaire is the major fair in Europe around the maker movement, but in addition to projects also many commercial products are usually presented there.
After this we will run a crowdfunding campaign using Kickstarter platform.


kickstarter logo

We will have a very short number of units at super convenient prices, a super early bird at 3,999€ and an early bird at 4,999€, compared to a retail price after the campaign estimated at 10,000€.

IoT: Using 3D printing to prototype electronics cases


Last week we joined an event from the Barcelona Internet of Things group (IoT).

We thought that the best use case for 3D printing applied to IoT is to prototype cases for the electronics usually used, since IoT definitely implies hardware.

The presentation had a 10 minutes limit, so we showed a simple case: how to modify an Arduino Uno case.

It is not about reinventing the wheel each time, but to benefit from shared models that already exist and modify them to our needs.

The Thingiverse repository

We showed how Thingiverse can be a good starting point:  searching for “arduino case” we got 1000 results! Sure there is something you can reuse….

Note that there are other repositories also very valid, like Youmagine.

In this example we take an Arduino Uno case designed by ZygmuntW.

thingiverse arduino case

And we download the STL file belonging to the base. We already have a base with the proper size and measures and the correct supports.

Modifying with TinkerCAD

Now we upload into TinkerCAD, one of the most simple modeling apps that we recommend as a first choice to get in touch with 3D modeling. What’s best is that it is a web app and it allows to import STL files and modify them, exactly what we need.

STL simple treatment is one of the advantages of TinkerCAD. There are many CAD apps that do not allow working with STLs directly, or need to go through a process to convert the mesh into a model that the app can understand. And they oblige you to work in their original format, or best case to import the STEP format. If you plan to modify STL files, take this into account when you select your modeling tool.

tinkercad arduino case

Using the app we substract “IoT” from the case base. Simply it’s adding the three letters and convert them to holes. TinkerCAD manages the rest and process them as a subtraction of objects.

3D Printing

Then we just have to print it with a Delta Black. The Delta 3D printers are robust, we carried it with our motorbike inside the city and we just did not have to do anything about it, start and print. With the fix base there is no need for calibration.

We launched the printing during the event. The first part of the object was printed at 100 mm/s, and after responding to a question from one of the participants we increased speed to 350 mm/s.

IoT arduino case

A simple way to prototype cases for your electronics.

Natural Robotics will participate in Makerfaire Rome

We recently received confirmation that we will participate as exhibitors in Makerfaire Rome in October 14 to 16th.

The Makerfaire Rome is the biggest maker event in Europe, with 100,000 m2 for exhibition in 2016 and circa 100,000 visitors last year.

Maker Faire Rome 2015 entrance
A giant Delta 3D printer in Makerfaire Rome 2015

There are several types of topics, plenty of DIY, and 3D printing is one of them and one of the most known.

VIT 3D printer presentation

In this fair we will show our filament 3D printer, the Delta Black, and our flagship product will also be there this time as a fully functional prototype: the VIT, a low cost Laser Sintering 3D printer (SLS).

We will run demo activities of the full process for 3D printing, and comparisons between both FFF and SLS technologies in terms of speed, quality, strength and ability to print complex objects, etc. During this we will attend visitors request in terms of objects to be printed.

If you have any intention to attend this fair Do not forget to visit us!

And if you want to know how we make progress with the VIT subscribe to ou newsletter (see footer). We will have news soon…


SLS VIT abierta
The VIT protoype shown in In(3D)ustry fair

This will be our first experience in this non-professional fair, and to meet big crowds of people according to the pics from 2015. Well, these 100,000 visitors have to fit somewhere in a single weekend…

Maker Faire Rome 2015 event

Natural Robotics at ln3Dustry fair – a view from an exhibitor

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Natural Robotics participated as exhibitor in the first ln3Dustry fair that happened in Barcelona from June 21st to 23rd.

This is our view from a small company perspective that exhibited during the three days.

Entrada In3Dustry

We are grateful with the Generalitat de Catalunya for promoting Catalan companies and letting us have some space in their stand (disclaimer: it was not for free and we followed an application and selection process).

One of the drawbacks for us was the layout of the exhibitors’ stands, different from the usual and it impacted us in particular. We were told in advance by the organizers and then found the evening before that the stand of the exhibitor next to us had a big wall mounted, within fair requirements. But we were out of direct sight from visitors.

Fortunately, the fair had a continuous flow of visitors, except at lunch time, and they were also finding our booth.

We were so busy we could not attend any of the presentations and panels that were happening in the Arena. It looked like a pretty busy agenda and in addition you could join the Maker area where other presentations were also held. That’s the only reason to have a three days event, because the exhibition could be walked through in one single day.

In3Dustry arena

We think the event could fit in two days for the current size of the exhibition, to have it more balanced. In fact we don’t know if many visitors repeated several days. Hopefully next year it gets better and bigger and three days are needed to see everything!

One thing that is amazing is that the majority of stands were showing hardware, but it was very difficult to find machines actually working, not even the big Jet Fusion from HP. We had the Delta Black 3D printer printing during the three days. In fact it was raising attention because the movements of a delta printer are quite different from others, and we showed it working at max speed also (500mm/s).

Natural Robotics stand

We didn’t take any risk with the VIT prototype, a low cost SLS 3D printer, due to the use of a powerful 40W laser and its lack of safety measures by now. It’s a prototype! In this case we were only showing the hardware.

The SLS prototype was presented to the public for the first time in the fair. We held its development quite in stealth mode up to that moment. And it had a very good welcome, both from companies that would be interested to distribute or resell it, and from people that already asked to make a pre-order.

The price point is still under decision due to the significant input received, the initial intention was around 10,000€. With a 250x250x250mm build volume and a 40W CO2 laser, these are quite good specs for the price.

The fair organizers Fira de Barcelona did a good job on segmentation of visitors. They were a majority of professionals, just the target of our company. We also appreciated the time spent with us at the end of the event to collect feedback and exchange our views.
To conclude, we have a very positive impression of the fair and the potential benefits it implies for our company in terms of contacts made, feedback obtained and sales leads initiated there.

The event is already scheduled for next year and we will participate for sure, hopefully with a bigger presence.

Come and meet our low cost SLS VIT 3D printer in In3Dustry


We will exhibit at In3Dustry fair in Barcelona from June 21st to 23rd, stand A18.

You will be able to see our two star products: the Delta Black, a filament 3D printer aimed for professional and prosumer use, and the VIT, the prototype of our new product.

Delta Black Impresora 3DSLS VIT frontal


The VIT is a low cost 3D printer below 10,000 € with SLS technology. It has a build volume of 250 x 250 x 250 mm and a wide range of materials that put it on the same level of industrial SLS printers at higher price range.

We will show our prototype under development, with estimated production in October. We accept pre-orders with significant discounts, even bigger during the fair. If you don’t have a pass to visit us in In3Dustry please contact us and we can deliver one to you.

You can check the full list of specs in the product page of VIT.

Get a free pass to visit us at ln3Dustry

We already got confirmation of our location in the ln3Dustry fair.


We will exhibit at A18 stand.

We have some pass invitations to distribute. If you are interested to visit us please write us with a sentence related to your interest motivation and we will contact you to provide the pass if it makes sense.

We don’t know how many pass requests we are going to receive, so we will adapt criteria to the demand we get. The fair is mainly focused for professionals, and we have a limited number of passes.

Reminder: from June 21st to 23rd, at Fira de Montjuïc Pavelló Italià

in3dustry venue