Launch of 3D Printing Service

From now on Natural Robotics provides 3D Printing Services.

Since we opened our showroom to the public we had a continuous demand of 3D printing services that we have forwarded to colleagues in our sector. Even if the company objective is to manufacture machines, particularly 3D printers, it is also true that providing the servie makes a good test bank for our products and at the same time we spread the awareness of our products in the design and fabrication network in Barcelona.

The service is mainly aimed at companies and professionals

Users who prioritize result quality are also welcome. But we just don’t focus in printing Pokemons.

Thanks to our ability to customize and modify our products we have available 3D printers of different build volumes upon need: 25 x 30 , 25 x 60 and 45  x 60 cm diameter and height respectively.

Ejemplo de impresión alta

Example of 3D printing with 60 cm height in one shot

Key elements of our service

  • Great experience in designing and building prototypes (in fact we prototype our own products) and in short series of objects.
  • Specialized in big volume printings: up to 45 cm diameter per 60 cm high. For bigger volumes we can cut and join with no problems.
  • We have a shop in Barcelona: personal contact and advice in your projects.
  • Printing in FDM with the majority of filament types in the market. The most usual are PLA, ABS and PETG.

f you have a need feel free to contact us by email and we make a budget proposal, or come to visit us in Barcelona at C/ Galileu, 243.

Diferentes materiales

Examples of different materials and sizes: PLA, woodfill, copperfill and carbon fiber