Event Introduction to Delta/Kossel 3D printers

This last Wednesday the 3D Print Barcelona group organized an event of Introduction to Delta/Kossel 3D printers. The two partners of Natural Robotics are very active members of this group.

In fact this event was a repetition of an event that took place a year ago. In Spain the Prusa i3 had a lot of success as an affordable option for makers and hobbyists and we are used to see Cartesian 3D printers. And the Delta are the big unknown despite their advantages.

Hector made a presentation, using for the demo one of our Delta Black 3D printers.


Evento introducción impresora Delta

The speech first focused in the origin of the Delta 3D printers and how Hector got involved with 3D printing back in 2011, and quickly drawn into the Delta world. His first was a big monster with double extrusion and 1m high aluminum profiles, which gave him many problems and satisfactions.

After this he went through the advantages and disadvantages of the Delta, and more generally of the Bowden system used for extrusion.

To finish, demo time. He put the 3D printer at 500 mm/s speed, managing to overwhelm several people from the twenty total attendees.

Imprimiendo de costado

The Delta Black printing on her side

The head part of the printer is very allows very high speeds that the Cartesian 3D printers cannot even dream. A usual very respectable speed for a Cartesian 3D printer is around 100 mm/s. This is a key specification because it directly determines the total printing time needed. As everything in life, there is a drawback with speed: the faster it goes the higher the risk of an error (think that it pours melted plastic). To print something where quality and detail are important, for all 3D printers you have to decrease speed. But speed for Delta printers will always be significantly higher than for Cartesian ones.

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Next post will be about the different types of 3D printing technology.


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