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The weekend of October 14-16th Natural Robotics participated at Makerfaire Rome. This is a short summary of our experience as exhibitors.

Makerfaire Rome is the biggest maker fair in Europe, and this is confirmed by the 110,000 visitors that attended in three days.

Vista desde el stand
View from our stand

Stand Natural Robotics
Natural Robotics stand at the end of the fair

We were quite busy, so we could not see much from the other pavilions, six in total.

Friday morning was dedicated to schools. 25,000 kids from six to eighteen years old going around the stands and asking a lot of questions about everything. In those cases, the models always are more attractive than the machines to them. In the afternoon it opened to general public.

In our booth you could see a Delta Black that we had printing all day at different speeds, since printing speed id its major advantage. We also showed the version 3 prototype of our low cost laser sintering 3D printer: the VIT.


Delta Black
Delta Black in the middle of a 3D print

The Makerfaire has low professional focus, more focused on makers and families. Even that, we saw a lot of interest in the laser sintering machine either from distributors as well as 3D printing services businesses, that want to widen their technologies offer. There were also people interested for other specific topics like jewelry design, electronic cigarettes, etc.

Our pavilion was fully dedicated to digital fabrication. And we could see and meet other laser sintering projects that are also targeting the low cost range. For example with the nice and friendly Sintratec team we made a good exchange of knowledge, mainly about the common challenges of this technology that we had to face during the prototypes development and how each project took different approaches to sort them out.

Fabrication Pavilion
The Digital Fabrication pavilion

Digital Fabrication pavilion

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