Passion for 3D printing among our clients

Jorge, best known as @akirasan, is one of our clients who recently bought a Delta black 3D printer in KIT format and discovered his passion for 3D printing.

As he is a very active user in Twitter, we have followed his progress during the assembly and the first print tests. Pure passion!

It reminds us how we lived the first time we were in contact with 3D printing. This feeling that anything is possible.

Note: tweets are translated into English below the tweet.

The decision

First thing was to decide for our product. Quite often we tend to put attention in the price as the main purchase argument, and Jorge was asking for opinion on Chinese 3D printers.. Some contacts in Twitter suggested that if he was going to assemble a kit, it was better to go for a company in proximity in case there is any problem or error during the assembly. To ensure it is easy to get support in case it’s needed.

He took the right decision, because we had to some fixes due to an assembly issue.

It’s clear that I am a completely newbie in 3D printing ???? I broke the hot end and I do not know what else

In fact it was simply the fan to cool the hot end wasn’t connected properly, and since it was not working the hot end got too hot. We were able to provide a replacement quickly so that Jorge could continue making progress.

The assembly

For a kit assembly it is crucial to have an adequate documentation, and specially a step by step manual like our assembly manual.

In these cases it is also good for us to get feedback from our clients in order to improve it. It may happen that things that are obvious to us in fact they are not clear enough in the manual.

This is getting the right shape ????????????

And as you make progress you get the satisfaction of seeing how the machine is getting the right shape.

Before and After: Electronics mounted, although it may not seem so ???????????? because everything needs to be tidied up


Starts to look like the original picture ???????????? now calibration and the first test ????

First prints

The most satisfying is to see how 3D printing raises passion among those who initiate in it. With the pride of having assembled it with their own hands.

Probably not the best “hello world cube” 3D printed…but this one is mine and I am more than proud ????????????

Everything can be modeled and 3D printed! from a pokeball to a card holder…

Still quite some work to learn and adjust. But the monocolour @Movilujo pokeball doesn’t look too bad ????

And the most important thing is this feeling of power, not to change the World, but to improve many things around starting by small repairs and mods. This is what really creates the passion for 3D printing. Norbert Rovira, one of our founders, loves to do small repairs or small improvements either at home or with mountain equipment. And he also publishes about it in his blog.

When I am asked why I want a 3D printer, I tell them: it is not “the why” but how it changes my way of thinking and opens my mind ????



I am so caught up that I have already added a provisional webcam to my 3D printer, and I just stay watching how it prints ????????????


Things printed yesterday with direct use in the office. Well, the Pikachu is just for a bit of decoration, but I use the card holder ????

¡¡Congratulations @akirasan!!!


An important reminder:

We are offering until August 31st included a 20% discount on the assembled Delta Black, so the assembled version at the price of the KIT: 790€+VAT. Just use the coupon code DELTA200 in our shop.

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