The 3D printer technical support for professionals

The SMEs, that know the advantages and benefits of 3D printing for their business, quite often cannot afford the cost of an industrial 3D printer or the cost of a rapid prototyping service specially if they need to do several iterations.

In those cases a natural solution is to buy a lower grade 3D printer that are usually targeted at consumers or makers (AKA desktop 3D printers).

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The question is that these 3D printers come from companies built from scratch with the 3D printing expansion. Although they have been growing they do not have the same extension and service in their distribution and support channels.

We hear stories about 3D printers that stop working for x reason, maybe a trivial one, and the owner does not manage to restore the printer to its functional status. And this can happen even after contacting their technical support service.

How to prevent this?

  • first, to look for information of the brand you want to buy and their distribution channel, country presence, etc.
  • check if they have an active support forum in their website, if there is troubleshooting documentation available and instructions for preventive maintenance
  • check what other people think about the printer and their possible technical problems

With this you can make a view if the machine you want to buy has problems often and how easy it will be for you to solve them.

In Natural Robotics we went further ahead and we provide an optional additional support service.

With this you can cover a special and crucial topic in your company, to keep production up. We replace your 3D printer immediately so you do not loose time while we solve the problem in your printer.

If you don’t have a 3D printer from our company, there is still an option. You can use our multi-brand technical support. We offer this option after meeting several 3D printer owners almost desperate with no clue where to go, but first check with the brand if there is a warranty in place.

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