The VIT SLS printer is designed for different types of polymer powders, at an affordable price.

This printer is capable to producing prototypes and short runs, with great quality and definition.

The VIT SLS has been designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Reinventing the Selective Laser Sintering for individual use and small-scale productions.

After analysing the main problems that arose in the 3D printing market for the users of this technology, we detected the needs and set out to find solutions for each and every one of them.

The VIT SLS has been developed at a fraction of the cost of the current market price. It is capable of printing at 20mm/h, on the Z-axis, with 0.05mm resolution.

It was designed to reduce creative and mechanical obstacles in terms of complexity in shapes of the parts, which makes it ideal for fast production of prototypes.

The printing quality of the VIT SLS is no bit inferior to other 3D printers on the market today.

It is here to revolutionise your business.

Come and join our new campaign on Kickstarter to make this project possible and to share your experience.

The 3D VIT SLS printer comes from a project by Natural Robotics, which began in 2014 together with Héctor Esteller. He is passionate about electronics, programming and mechanical engineering, and has solid experience working in the industrial sector.







Natural Robotics is a team made up of multidisciplinary professionals, sponsors and entrepreneur enthusiasts, from sectors varying from electronics, telecommunications engineering, IoT (Internet of Things), programming, product design and professional makers.

Technical specifications

Print volume: 250x250x300mmConnectivity: USB, Wifi & Ethernet
Laser Technology: CO2 40W allows different materials (e.g. Polyamide)Interface: 7-inch touch-screen.
Multi-material: tested with PA powder. Other materials under Natural Robotics recommendations.Stand-alone printing: Connection to PC not required
Print colour: White (and others)Software: Web-based (local)
Print Speed: 20mm/hDimensions: 800x600x950mm

Sale price: 11.000€ / 12.900USD

The 3D VIT SLS printer comes with optional technical support and planned maintenance to ensure continued production for your business.

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